Another Asteroid To Hit Planet Earth In Three Days – Are We Ready For Impact?

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Unlike the meteor that exploded miles above the Ural Mountains in Central Russia, the meteor Nemesis is set to impact into the oceanic waters of our planet. While the impact is imminent, the events that take place post-impact will determine our survival.  “This hit will cause a massive tsunami that will take out the entire Pacific Rim with a 200 to 300 foot wave reaching hundreds of miles inland” report scientists at Hawaii’s Haleakala High Altitude Observatory in Maui, Hawaii.

There have been numerous near-catastrophic collisions between asteroids (known as near earth objects) and the planet Earth throughout our history. Most recently, while the explosion in Russia occurred miles above Earth, as reported by NASA, it managed to injure more than 1,000 people. Sonic shockwaves and falling debris covered a large part of the Central Russian region, damaging homes and buildings, and of course – caused widespread panic! The question remains – Are we ready for the Impact?

The Unites States Air Force is ready with a training set of missions for newly recruited Airmen. There is nothing we can do to avoid the hit but prepare for the aftermath. The U.S. Air Force is hitting the military gaming scene with USAF: Operation Sentinel. Create your personal Airman and complete your assigned missions such as securing the nearest USAF Military Base. USAF personnel will guide you through your missions by providing information you need to move forward. Move up in the ranks of command by acquiring additional Airmen, equipment and training needed to complete your missions.

Know this – you are not alone! USAF: Operation Sentinel is a massive multi-player online role-playing game. Beginning with Android, the app will be available on platforms like iOS, Amazon/Kindle, Nook and now Facebook, you can play in sync with your friends any time on just about any handheld device. Additionally, you can earn command points challenge other players in their flight performance or other areas or track your progress in your Airman Dossier.

Remember, the faster you complete missions, the more lives you can save. The impact is coming in – be ready! Download this free game within the next 3 days and earn an extra 500 Fortune Points.

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