Military Pinup Girls- Hidden Secrets

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Celebrating the fine tradition of Military Pinup art, Military Pinup Girls: Hidden Secrets is a hidden object game perfect for the serviceman looking to blow off a little steam or kill a little time.  Bedazzle your eyes with the beautiful visages of up to fifteen different Pin Up Girls, each loaded with hidden objects to uncover!

We’ll start you out with your first Pinup, the beautiful Baghdad Betty. Betty served a tour in Iraq and she’s brought back the art to prove it.

After that, it’s up to you, with 13 more pinups to purchase and a bonus that comes when you’ve played them all, what are you waiting for?!

Pinch, poke and drag to uncover what’s hidden by these beautiful Pinup Girls!

Release notes:
Version 1.00 is the official release version and includes:

  • 15 Locked and Loaded Military Pin Ups featuring the past 10 years of Guns and Girls!
  • Timed game play to test your skills and earn Hints if you get in a pickle.
  • Pinch to zoom the pinup image in and out.
  • Drag to pan the image left, right, up or down.
  • Tap on a hidden object to earn points for discovering her explosive response!
  • Bonus pinup girl that unlocks after you’ve played all 14 available pinups.
  • DLC system lets you decide which pinup packs to buy.


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MPG-HS_levelIcons-baghdadbettyBaghdad Betty – Baghdad Bootknocka

She brings the heat to the sands and nothing gets past her guise when she is on the battlefield. Beautiful and deadly. Don’t be confused by this shapely lady of the desert.




K-9 Kate – Airfield Police Action

She is as aggressive as she is gorgeous and when working with her canines she will sniff out the enemy, drugs or explosives. She goes from beautiful to high octane K-9 team member in 3 wags of a tail and leaves no doubt that she can handle her dogs when the need arises!




Ranger Girls- Columbian Crossroads

Rangers Lead The Way and in their case they bring it with their sleek and sexy lines. This Ranger chalk means business and whether repelling from Blackhawks or taking the fight these girls are all Ranger. Up the ante with these beautiful Ranger pin up girls!




Ping girl – Purging the Gulf

Silent and deadly and carrying a large torpedo, this pinup girl of the undersea submarine lanes keeps quiet but her looks scream like a sonar blast to the head! Keep her in sight or lose her forever in the Realm OF Neptune Rex!




Search and Rescue (SAR) Sarah - Gulf Stream Waters

She flies, swims and dives and will never hesitate to rescue you from the swallowing seas. She is as gorgeous is as she is heavily trained and will save the frozen members of your crew from the sea below and show her pretty smile as she helps return you to shore. Search and rescue has never been so beautiful!




MPG-HS_levelIcons-docDevil Doc Daisy – Beachhead to Basrah

The louder you scream the faster she comes when soldiers need this Angel on the Battlefield. Ready to help and dispense medical care, or take up the rifle and take out the enemy combatants. She is easy on the eyes and hard on the enemy!




Scout Sniper Scarlet – Tikrit Takedown

When this little lady has you in her sights you will either love it or die tired. 7.62mm of love and affection she delivers sexiness from over 400 meters away and then humps back to the HQ for more

orders. She looks sexy but is all Scout Sniper!




Artillery Shelly – Pounding Iraq

Bringing out the heavy guns, this Artillery Pinup girl is guaranteed to accelerate your rounds out as she looks for targets. This Queen Of Battle brings the look of high explosive sexiness as she surveys the landscape and illuminates the terrain exposing the enemy to her military might!



MPG-HS_levelIcons-gunsofdeathGuns of Death Dena – Guns of Death

Two guns are always better then one! This explosive lady of of the field commands all she surveys and keeps the wolves at bay with her rain of steel and and pounding incendiaries! Walk quietly and carry a field artillery regiment she always says!



MPG-HS_levelIcons-annieAirborne Alice – Al Qaeda Roundup

A pinup Sky Soldier that understands what Death From Above is all about. All American and ready to deal pain from the skies above or reign destruction on the enemy rear when her canopy drops and she appears with guns ablaze. A lady of the sky that needs no introduction!



MPG-HS_levelIcons-pararescuePararescue Rachel – That Others May Live

The Jolly Greens never had it so good with this PJ. This well oiled and greased machine’s skills are as tight as is her figure. Highly trained she brings everything from hot bullets to life saving comfort to any combat zone near you!




MPG-HS_levelIcons-greenberetgirlGreen Beret Girl-  Mosul Meltdown

A quiet but sensuous professional. This silent warrior will cut your throat faster than a banshee scream or canoe your skull with a laser targeted 45. ACP but other than that she is all sugar and spice and everything nice. A Green Beret with all the skills that will steal you away in the night!



MPG-HS_levelIcons-sealSadie Seal Girl – Oil Al Faw down

Hard body and high caliber this Slipper When Wet SEAL will take you under if you give her any lip! Ready for action or dinner out on the town she is trained for combat or hor d’oeuvres!



MPG-HS_levelIcons-deltaDelta Force Dawn – Falluhja Fubar

Adept at insurgent room clearing this little lady brings a new meaning to the phrase clean and sweep as your eyeballs roll from their sockets. Sexy and dangerous her rifle is always ready, her grenades always hot as she commands the field of battle. Look upon her and despair.





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