US Navy: Top Gun Kids


USNavyTopGun_114x114space-wallpapers-7All ages’ fun arcade side scrolling shooter that progress in difficulty and terrain as the player completes each training mission successfully.  Make it all the way through and the last mission is a real-world exercise engaging enemy North Korean fighters invading South Korean Airspace.  Your carrier is off the coast and you must fend off their trespassing and safely secure the border!




  • 9 levels of game play to progress and get completion patch!
  • 2 types of Game play: Training or Endless mode.
  • Fly against challenging drone opponents and obstacles.
  • Earn points towards your Top Gun score!


  • Upgrade your aircraft and weaponry!
  • Choose from over 5 types of US Navy fighter aircraft.
  • Compete against the X-47B Navy Drone!
  • Play for highest score against other players and be Top Gun!



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