N.W.O Death Cult Fanatics Gather Near Ground Zero Await Asteroid Impact!

Written by Maria Delgado on . Posted in Blog

Nihilist World Over is claiming responsibility for the summoning of the Hammer of Lucifer as a sacrificial cleansing of Earth

A new death cult has emerged on the scene as the impending doom of the asteroid “Nemesis” countdowns to impact claiming to have some sort of influence of over the trajectory that has led it on the path to Earth.  More lunacy from another group of fanatics shamelessly exploiting the tragic event to unfold.  Sadly this is not the first time that a group of kooks gathered under another papal figure leading them into some self sacrificing ritual that will prevent or ensure the cosmic prophecy to fulfill.

Take Marshall Herff Applewhite, Saturnian mystic guru priest of the 9th rings of blah, blah, blah, who created a religious cult commonly known as Heaven’s Gate.  In 1997, he led 38 followers to commit suicide in hopes of being transported onto a spaceship traveling with Hale-Bopp comet.

In the follow video excerpt he preaches suicide to anyone willing to take the Ultimate Make-Over Challenge, as the late great George Carlin once jested. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9UXKOIvuYE )

In this case all the elites dressed in Saturn black gowns and adorn with Nike tennis shoes with the swoosh of the rings of Saturn as its logo.  This along with the castration seals the deal for these goat worshippers trying to take the Chariots of the Gods to hitch a ride on the galaxy quest of the universe killing themselves in hopes to avoid the end of the Earth and transcending their souls to the frosty comet freight train to the stars.

Whew!  Being a Nihilist seems exhausting quotes the “Big Labowski” and it appears to be so.  Nonetheless industrious Luddite “dooms-dayers” are busily at work in the latest mobile app rpg mmo for the United States Air Force by newcomer Vision-Strike-Ware called USAF Operation:Sentinel.  Here a group called the N.W.O.  Nihilist World Over (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) has adopted the foreboding asteroid and its wrath are due to their actions and in the game are also carrying on those crazy cult antics with sabotage, terrorism and sacrificing virgins!

But as usual it’s never bad enough the end of the world is happening and have these kind of clowns running around.  Every generation has its doomsayers and ours in the foretelling of the “planet killer” asteroid on course to impact at some unknown date.

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