New Mass Grave Fears In Wake of Asteroid Impact to Hit Earth

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As the asteroid Nemesis draws near, local authorities across the nation fear mass public mayhem

Emergencies create confusion and stress. Panic and unpreparedness can leave many citizens in danger from forms of theft like looting, riots and even death cult suicides.

To avoid pandemonium, local authorities working under the direction of the Unites States Air Force, have urged citizens to form groups with their neighbors to work together to survive. To help in preparation, online preparedness sites are quickly popping up across the country. In Los Angeles, for example, provides downloads for a neighborhood plan and an emergency checklist.

In regards to religious and other apocalyptic type of cults, reports across the country show that many are gathering in large groups. This is of a concern but nothing new in the wake of such news of cataclysmic events. In the 1980’s, March 17th marks a day where a group of apocalyptic Catholics, called the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments (MRTC), where 1,000 followers, including adults and children unknowingly committed suicide by self-immolation (setting oneself on fire) and poisoning under the guise of coming together to celebrate their imminent salvation. In 1997, the cult group known as Heaven’s Gate believed that the comet, Hale-Bopp was bringing in its path, a spacecraft that was intended for all 38 of them to board for their salvation by first shedding their terrestrial forms by committing suicide.

Reports indicate that a cult group known as the NWO (Nihilist World Over), have gone as far as to try to sacrifice young virgin women to the fast approaching asteroid Nemesis. The impact is imminent but the planet can and will survive this. One thing we can and should do is focus and prepare. Scientists working with NASA and the U.S. Air Force have set in motion evacuation plans that cater to the many terrains from ocean side, to valleys, to mountains to islands.

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