New USAF Military App Game Now Available for iPhone & iPad Users!

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For the first time ever, the Unites States Air Force has given license to a game developer, Vision-Strike-Ware.Com. The U.S. Air Force lends its name, its logo and even participated as game consultants to bring real life validity to the game’s storyline.

So what is USAF: Operation Sentinel? It’s a game of wits, really. The story centers around an Asteroid impact with the planet Earth and the USAF Airman’s (that’s you) goal to prepare for and save as many lives as possible during the seven post impact missions.

Train and develop skills needed to secure an Air Base, minimize public chaos and save as many lives as possible.  Earn command points and move up in the ranks of command along the way.

Set up as an MMORGP, or as the rest of us non-game geeks would know it as: a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, you can invite your friends to join you on missions or challenge other players’ flight performance.

Already on Kindle and GooglePlay, USAF Operation Sentinel is making its way in the smartphone app market. With Nook next in its sights, the game will be available on every App platform available.

Download it now for FREE and help save the planet from an asteroid impact and prepare for post impact missions to restore order worldwide. Saving the world is up to you, Airman. Are you up to the challenge? Fly, Fight, and Win!

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