Swimming With Sharks Takes Skills!

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Is there room for another developer at the top of the mobile games food chain?

SwimmingWithSharksAccording to the Business Insider only the top developers get the lion’s share of the downloads and revenue from the app market- (http://www.businessinsider.com/top-25-app-makers-revenue-… (http://www.businessinsider.com/top-25-app-makers-revenue-share-2012-12)) If you are a developer and you are not in the top several app publishing firms, you are figuratively swimming with the sharks. Most app store “impressions,” the way that the top games are listed in the app stores, go the top 25 game makers.

The latest reports show the U.S. Military is targeting the mobile games market with a new multi-branch RPG MMO. They are hard-charging the handheld battlefield by competing with companies like Zynga, Electronic Arts, Disney, Kabam, Rovio, Glu, Gameloft, and Storm8’s TeamLava.


Is the U.S. Sequester a Factor?

With the U.S. sequester impacting the American economy, can a “Made in America” company compete with the mega companies on mobile gaming? Conspiracy theorists would have a field day analyzing the clues and signs of the NWO, or is it just the large revenue shares of these corporations allowing them to market more effectively? The Sequester could decrease the revenue of these companies and may allow the grass-roots marketing of new companies to start to make back some groung on these corporate giants.

Will the issues with the US Government Sequester contribute to the visibility of newer game development companies? Will it allow them to break into the top ranks of store such as Google Play or the Apple App Store?


Urban Myths and “Avengers” Style Universe

To compete in this market, the US Military has licensed a new USAF Operation:Sentinel game. One finds it is filled with many of the urban myths and modern conspiracies surrounding Area 51, UFOs, Space Viruses, End of world cults, Black Project Technology, Secret Space Programs, the HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) and rumors of alien invasion in future versions may have more to offer in upcoming releases.

Leading with the flagship title USAF Operation:Sentinel, Vision-strike-Ware.com plans to create an “Avengers” style universe to include all the US military branches engaging in supernatural threats to save the planet. Showcasing each branches capabilities in individual titles in a persistent growing story culminating into an epic final game where all branches work together against a common enemy.

They will be the first mobile app company to utilize United States Military licenses for iTunes, Google Play, Amazon-Kindle, Nook and Facebook. Each Military Branded RPG will have an immersive story and multiple arcade style games linked to the plot. These arcade titles can be downloaded in addition to the RPG to enhance the gamer’s experience

“Covering a broad scope of game styles within each military branch’s campaign will attract more players and solidify the game universe.” – CEO and Creative Director Derek W. Frost of Stay Frosty Studios.

The New Team

This new team at Vision Strike Ware is made up of talents responsible for titles like Lord of the Rings, Battleship, Boggle, Monopoly, Scrabble, Sorry!, Yahtzee, Digital Chocolate Tower Bloxx Lite, Rollercoaster Rush (web)Marvel Skrull Invasion, RoboDynamics, Visionaire Crank 2 movie games, Chris Angel Mindfreak games, Repo Men movie game, Pogo.com, Warcraft (Mac), Warcraft II + expansion (PC/Mac), Diablo (PC/Console), StarCraft (PC/Battle.net), Fear Effect (PSX), Nightcaster I & II (Xbox) and Fortune Online (web).

Perhaps with this good battle plan and strategy, a team like this can carve a place amongst the gods of gaming in the new 21st century. Look for more games from Stay Frosty Studios and help support the under dogs still committed to creating fun games for fun people.

USAF Operation:Sentinel is an MMO-RPG being released on all mobile phones and device platforms.

Stay Frost Studios is the Developer of the game. Vision-Strike-Ware.com LLC is the publisher.

For more great game titles and information check out http://vision-strike-ware.com/

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