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Asteroids! Operation: Icarus launches on Google Play!

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Apr. 29, 2013 – Asteroids! Operation:Icarus is the untold story of the mission to prevent Earth from being hit by a massive asteroid from the game USAF: Operation: Sentinel!
Play both games to find out the whole story!

Join the team and manned the X-37B mounted with the Warthogs A-10 Auto cannon with depleted Uranium ammo to blast the asteroids into smithereens!  Fun for the whole family ages 8 and up can join the defense of Earth in this latest release from Vision-Strike-Ware and Stay Frosty Studios!



• 4 levels of game play difficulty to test players of different skills- Easy, Medium, Hard and Absurd!
• Continuous Game Play for maximum High Scoring!
• New Weapon Power Ups- Side Shot!m Rear Shot!, Triple Shot!, Full Shot! And Power Shot!
• New Weapons of Mass Destruction!
• Hellfire Missile Systems- with Rockwell International’s Outer Atmospheric HE Warheads are perfect for taking out that pesky UFO.
• Laser Cannon- High Powered Energy Laser Fire that breaks up rocks on first shot.
• Lightning Gun- Tesla Technology Energy Bolt packs a punch and can take out large asteroids in one shot!
• Rail Gun- Navy’s Magnetic Rail Technology that pulverizes even the largest rocks.
• Nuke- Thermonuclear Warhead clears all asteroids on screen!
• 3 Levels of Shield protection.
• Phantom Mode- Invulnerability!AOI_512x512

New Mass Grave Fears In Wake of Asteroid Impact to Hit Earth

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As the asteroid Nemesis draws near, local authorities across the nation fear mass public mayhem

Emergencies create confusion and stress. Panic and unpreparedness can leave many citizens in danger from forms of theft like looting, riots and even death cult suicides.

To avoid pandemonium, local authorities working under the direction of the Unites States Air Force, have urged citizens to form groups with their neighbors to work together to survive. To help in preparation, online preparedness sites are quickly popping up across the country. In Los Angeles, for example, provides downloads for a neighborhood plan and an emergency checklist.

In regards to religious and other apocalyptic type of cults, reports across the country show that many are gathering in large groups. This is of a concern but nothing new in the wake of such news of cataclysmic events. In the 1980’s, March 17th marks a day where a group of apocalyptic Catholics, called the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments (MRTC), where 1,000 followers, including adults and children unknowingly committed suicide by self-immolation (setting oneself on fire) and poisoning under the guise of coming together to celebrate their imminent salvation. In 1997, the cult group known as Heaven’s Gate believed that the comet, Hale-Bopp was bringing in its path, a spacecraft that was intended for all 38 of them to board for their salvation by first shedding their terrestrial forms by committing suicide.

Reports indicate that a cult group known as the NWO (Nihilist World Over), have gone as far as to try to sacrifice young virgin women to the fast approaching asteroid Nemesis. The impact is imminent but the planet can and will survive this. One thing we can and should do is focus and prepare. Scientists working with NASA and the U.S. Air Force have set in motion evacuation plans that cater to the many terrains from ocean side, to valleys, to mountains to islands.

Immerse yourself in the storyline. Download USAF: Operation Sentinel ( and be a part of the team working to restore power, order and save as many lives as possible from public panic and cult group sacrifices. To view other military games or join our Game Forum, visit us at Vision-Strike-Ware.Com

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Law Enforcement to work with USAF Officials On Imminent Asteroid Impact!

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Mid-Western Sheriff’s offices, police and fire departments have been contacted and are taking steps to secure their surrounding areas for natural disasters that will result from the impact of asteroid Nemesis in the South Pacific. In an effort to obtain further information, calls to the White House were not returned today when further questions and requests for information were placed. Calls to NASA and FEMA were also replied to with a simultaneous resistance to comment at this time until further assessments have been made.

We ask that if you live in the mid-west vicinity that you please stand by to your local news feeds for announcements on possible evacuations or instructions on how best to secure your immediate areas and families. This is not an earthquake but a major hit to the planet by an asteroid with the projected diameter of 81 miles across. At this point, the impact is less than three days away. We ask that all citizens remain calm and await futher instructions from your local authorities. In the meantime, please you’re your most important personal belonging, like birth certificates, mortgage and insurance paperwork and pack a light bag with a change of clothes. Further preparations should include one week’s supply of water, food, blankets and any medicine you may need. Further instructions to follow quickly as we attempt to secure our town and its citizens for survival of this impact. Panic is not an option.

As we know, the United States Air Force, having facilities throughout the United States is heading the efforts against the impact of Nemesis, will be working in conjunction with local law enforcement across the Unites States and worldwide.

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