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Asteroids! Operation: Icarus launches on Google Play!

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Apr. 29, 2013 – Asteroids! Operation:Icarus is the untold story of the mission to prevent Earth from being hit by a massive asteroid from the game USAF: Operation: Sentinel!
Play both games to find out the whole story!

Join the team and manned the X-37B mounted with the Warthogs A-10 Auto cannon with depleted Uranium ammo to blast the asteroids into smithereens!  Fun for the whole family ages 8 and up can join the defense of Earth in this latest release from Vision-Strike-Ware and Stay Frosty Studios!



• 4 levels of game play difficulty to test players of different skills- Easy, Medium, Hard and Absurd!
• Continuous Game Play for maximum High Scoring!
• New Weapon Power Ups- Side Shot!m Rear Shot!, Triple Shot!, Full Shot! And Power Shot!
• New Weapons of Mass Destruction!
• Hellfire Missile Systems- with Rockwell International’s Outer Atmospheric HE Warheads are perfect for taking out that pesky UFO.
• Laser Cannon- High Powered Energy Laser Fire that breaks up rocks on first shot.
• Lightning Gun- Tesla Technology Energy Bolt packs a punch and can take out large asteroids in one shot!
• Rail Gun- Navy’s Magnetic Rail Technology that pulverizes even the largest rocks.
• Nuke- Thermonuclear Warhead clears all asteroids on screen!
• 3 Levels of Shield protection.
• Phantom Mode- Invulnerability!AOI_512x512

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