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Asteroids! Operation: Icarus launches on Amazon Kindle!

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May 25, 2013 – SEOUL, Korea — Asteroids! Operation:Icarus is the untold story of the mission to prevent Earth from being hit by a massive asteroid from the game USAF: Operation: Sentinel!
Play both games to find out the whole story! One of the most popular games ever created by man comes back live and in color today!

Join the team and manned the X-37B mounted with the Warthogs A-10 Auto cannon with depleted Uranium ammo to blast the asteroids into smithereens!  Fun for the whole family ages 8 and up can join the defense of Earth in this latest release from Vision-Strike-Ware and Stay Frosty Studios! With over 20,000 downloads this month alone for the games it has recently created, the team of Vision-Strike-Ware.Com and Stay Frosty Studios is building the games of the future today!


Incredible Features and Vibrant Graphics!

• 4 levels of game play difficulty to test players of different skills- Easy, Medium, Hard and Absurd!

That is right. You can play with a variety of skill levels from Easy, Medium, something a little harder and then for those who take up the challenge a level we like to call Absurd. Do you have the reflexes to maneuver and kill these asteroids before they reduce you to space powder?

• Continuous Game Play for maximum High Scoring!

We have seen the scores reach incredible levels with some players going 24 hours without a break! The asteroid all-nighter we like to call them! These asteroid worldwide parties are shaking the foundation of the Earth. Challenge your friends and duel for the highest score.

• New Weapon Power Ups- Side Shot!, Rear Shot!, Triple Shot!, Full Shot! And Power Shot!

It’s not a shot in the dark. It’s the most advanced rail gun system ever employed to space and with this technology comes the awesome responsibility of reducing these mammoth balls of rock to dust. Do you have what it takes?

• New Weapons of Mass Destruction!

Enough said. Check out the weapons that make the difference in your survival or be part of history when your spaceship is rocked by an asteroid and crushes you like a rusty space can!

• Hellfire Missile Systems- with Rockwell International’s Outer Atmospheric HE Warheads are perfect for taking out that pesky UFO.

If these unmanned berserker asteroids were not enough now you have to worry about the UFO with its seek and destroy mission of turning you into a space corpsicle.

• Laser Cannon- High Powered Energy Laser Fire that breaks up rocks on first shot.

You need the proper tools for combating space rocks and the High Powered Energy Laser will help you when times get tough cutting up asteroids!

• Lightning Gun- Tesla Technology Energy Bolt packs a punch and can take out large asteroids in one shot!

It’s rare when favors are given but the developers at Operation:Icarus took pity on the thousands of asteroid jockeys who have braved the space lanes and equipped them with a weapon that can turn the day for you. The Lightning Gun, a tesla technology energy bolt can reduce enormous asteroids to fairy dust with one shot! You are going to need it.

• Rail Gun- Navy’s Magnetic Rail Technology that pulverizes even the largest rocks.

Another weapon system that makes your life last just a little longer. Use it or lose it!

• Nuke- Thermonuclear Warhead clears all asteroids on screen!

Walk quietly and carry a big megaton thermonuclear warhead we always say. Nothing better when the need arises to reduce all present asteroids to space dust in a single strike!

• 3 Levels of Shield protection.

Be thankful.

• Phantom Mode- Invulnerability!

Once in a blue moon life throws you a bone and in this case invulnerability and with it one advantage over the pulverizing battalions of asteroids that stand ready to quickly dispatch you from space.

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