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Military Shirts Made in America for Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine and Coast Guard! All Custom Military unit Designs and graphics available on decals, plaques, phone cases, posters, coffee mugs, lighters, license plates, challenge coins, patches and gifts. has your back with custom military designs for units, ships, squadrons, associations and commands. Wear the Military Gets Cover!

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PRESIDENT'S DAY SALE is celebrating President’s Day this week and honoring our past presidents such as President George Washington and President Abraham Lincoln who celebrate their birthdays over the next week. It is with a great deal of respect that we honor these men who forged the history and direction of the United States during turbulent times, one with the emergence of the United States and the other bringing our country together after our Civil War. From now until February 18th will be offering 25% off all apparel items from shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, shorts, sweatpants, tank-tops and more. Many of these custom military designs for all military branches can be purchased on USA Made apparel when selected. Please use coupon code 25ALLOFF at checkout to receive this discount.

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Battle Rattle

Enjoy the most unique purchasing experience with the Battle Rattle military designs featured at These eye catching designs update on your order screen as you select from a variety of options making each one truly unique. The most custom military design experience in the industry.


Our men and women, past and present have worn with pride the uniform of America. The designs displayed below were created out of respect and honor to them, the stripes they wear, the rates they held, the accomplishments and sacrifices they made and in the end they have served and made us all proud. The designs below cover all the military branches of the United States and it with a great deal of love and respect that we offer them to you.

JUST RELEASED! The newest design created at the request of the Special forces community and embraced as the leading design for our desert warriors. Created by the same artist whose patches were featured in the recent Lone Survivor movie. This is the first release of this design to the public! Be the first to own the Al Qaeda Hunting Club Shirt!

The Airborne design created by Vision-Strike-Wear.Com is a featured Battle Rattle military graphic that displays options when selected transform the design into one of three options for your apparel item: Basic, Senior or Master! Battle Rattle designs like this one change on screen as you make your selections before making your purchase.

We Build We Fight! Created for the United States SEABEES, their friends family members making this a great gift!

Designed for those who have worn the red shirts of Ordnance. IYAOYAS! This multi-branch design was created specifically for the ranks handling high explosives.

A Marine design that whose message is very clear. The Marine is of one mind but is dangerous with any weapon.


“Stay Frosty” is a military term usually used in combination with “Oscar Mike”.


Made in America

Military Shirts Made in America! is marching towards a Made In America attitude in all that we do from the designs we create, the printing and the actual military shirts we print on. Every day we search for new and exciting Made in America products we can print on. We have MADE IN AMERICA hoodies, sweatshirts, tank tops and long sleeves with more apparel options coming soon.


February is Black History Month.

February 11th President's Day Sale
February 12th Fat Tuesday Mardis Gras
February 12th President Lincoln's Birthday
February 14th Valentine's Day
February 15th Spanish-American War USS Maine explodes in Havanna, Cuba: 266 men killed(1898).
February 15th Founding Father Abraham Clark Birthday 1726.
February 15th Susan B. Anthony Day
February 18th President's Day
February 22nd President Washington's Birthday
February 23rd WWII Battle of Iwo Jima, 1945.
February 24th Persian Gulf War Allied ground assault began at 4 a.m. February 24.
February 24th Admiral Chester William Nimitz Born 24 February, 1885.
February 28th Vietnam Starts (1961)


Brand new design for the Al Qaeda Hunting Club to be released created by lead designer of, Frost Call who created the current military Al Qaeda Hunting Club Patch featured in the movie Lone Survivor.

Custom military designs for embroidery on jackets, ballcaps, sweatshirts, hoodies, and more!

High performance dry-fit shirts that can be ordered with all over custom military prints in single orders.

More unique military designs for apparel, posters, decals, lighters, drinkware, patches, plaques, smartphone covers and much more!

Quick introductions introducing a wonderful internet based radio that supports the troops!!!!! Yellow Ribbon Radio

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